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Female doctor and latin descent girl patient in pediatrician's office or clinic getting vaccination.

Catch-22 Dilemma of the Measles Vaccination Debate

To vaxx or not to vaxx. You may have the right not to vaxx, but you do not have the right to infect.

The debate exploded when HB 3063 was sent to Oregon Senate after quickly passing in the House of Representative.  Thanks to Senator Kim Thatcher who pointed out the absurdity of mandating the Oregon Health Authority to forcibly vaccinate children aside from parental choice and consultation with their doctor.  Oops!

What legislators learned about the debate over HB 3063 surprised them. Ironically, most opposition to the bill came from parents who do indeed vaccinate as do the legislators I talked to who ultimately voted no on the bill.  Parental choice of child rearing was removed from them and put into government hands.

According the National Institute of Health, measles cases is at a 25-year high in America since being eliminated in 2000. What you say?

  1. Measles was eliminated because parents vaccinated their children. Also, those same parents were vaccinated themselves, so goes the low incidence of measles.
  2. Newer parents come on the scene and decide that since the disease is gone, they don’t need to vaccinate. But what they don’t realize, the reason the disease is gone is because of the high rate of vaccination from their parents and grandparents.
  3. Much bad information is spread on social media about not vaccinating and we all need to use our due diligence in discerning the truth. Case in point: my 25-year old niece who has two small children made the decision to spread the MMR, (measles, mumps and rubella vaxx) into three separate shots instead of one.  Smart move, girl.

HB 3063 is an overreaction to government sponsored disease control.  Herd immunity is working somewhat in that measles is not an epidemic and no one has died. However, those parents who choose not to vaxx must understand the responsibility they hold with possible exposure your child could bring when in public.  You may have the right not to vaxx, but you do not have the right to infect.