December 11, 2019

Toni Carrasco – Testimonial

Tootie Smith is our experienced and conservative candidate for Clackamas County Commissioner. Washington and Clackamas County wield great influence over Oregon legislators, as a huge part of Oregon budget comes from the taxes in these areas. Our commissioners can pull back some of that support if the current partisan nonsense continues. We MUST elect conservatives in these important positions for…

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December 4, 2019

Why Isn’t Hydro Power Green Enough?


Politicians continue their love affair with “renewables” while ignoring what’s real. Reports are saying that despite increased population – 112 people per day in-migration for 2018 – coupled with an increased need for electricity, the production and sale of hydro power will be decreasing.  The reason is simple. Closure of coal plants in Boardman and Centralia and the addition of…

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December 2, 2019

Lesson Missed In Oregon’s Biggest Agency Lawsuit


It was about cutting trees, not who would profit. Oregon’s largest newspaper has never understood sustainable forestry practices. The Oregonian in its article “Failing forestry: With $1 billion timber lawsuit, not all 14 counties are big winner,” said as much. Their latest report saying that taxpayers would have to foot the bill proves the point. It’s not up to taxpayers…

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November 26, 2019

Democrat Legislators Worry About Re-Election Over Carbon Tax Vote


Democrat Legislators Will Be Punished By Its Own Lobby Group For Failing To Vote For Cap N Trade. Desperately seeking support, Oregon’s Governor is about the state offering payola and favors to farmers, loggers and industry groups in exchange for backing Cap n Trade 2.0 in the upcoming February 2020 legislative session. OLCV, Oregon League of Conservation of Voters, becomes…

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