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Oregon State Government is Your Titanic

Oregon state government has become its own Titanic heavy with taxes, guns and vaxx. Soon to sink under the stupidity of its own ideas.

  1. $26 billion PERS retirement debt. Originally started as an incentive to give retirement to people to work in government back when the jobs paid little. Today through shrewd union negotiations for higher and higher wages and willing elected officials who gladly accepted tons of union cash to support their elections, we see a debt too big to pay.
  2. State wide rent control that limited, (or guaranteed) 7% rent increases plus inflation. This attempt to control costs will backfire as landlords immediately raised their rents or sold their properties to larger conglomerates opting for a more stable investment.
  3. Massive Gun control bills aimed to disarm what politicians can’t control — your speech.
  4. Remove measure 50 property tax limitations could increase your property taxes by as 40%.
  5. Removed mortgage interest deductions on primary and secondary residences, for many.
  6. $2 billion gross sales tax on businesses. Politicians think you will think this is a tax on someone else, so it won’t matter. It’s those big bad businesses that gives us jobs, 401K’s and the products we demand to buy or the services we need.
  7. Mandatory vaccinations that take away parental choice with consultation with your doctor and gives Oregon Health Authority the power to forcibly inject your children with drugs.
  8. Increased taxes on cell phones, beer, wine, cigarettes, vapors, groceries, fuel for cars and trucks, home heating oil, planes, trains and automobiles, timber and agriculture.

It’s not all bleak. There’s a fix. Your vote matters and there’s an election just around the corner.

Its time to stand up and take back your government. Is this what you voted for in electing a SUPER MAJORITY for the legislature and a governor who doesn’t understand you?