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Managing Tax Dollars the Right Way

I’ve long maintained that government agencies should manage taxpayer dollars the same way individuals and households manage their finances. As chair of the Clackamas County

The Perils of Progressive Policies

As of right now, so-called progressives have been in charge of Portland for decades, the Oregon Legislature for years, the U.S. Senate and Congress and

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Upholding the Social Contract

There are certain expectations that come from living in a free society. The most important is that, as long as you work hard, obey the

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All Eyes on Clackamas

Even though much of Clackamas County is rural in nature, it’s considered part of the Portland metropolitan area. The “tri-county area” consists of Clackamas, Washington

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The Myth of Induced Demand

Did you know that, at one point, there were multiple other freeways planned for the Portland metropolitan area? It’s true. If the transportation systems envisioned