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Tootie Smith demands Gov Brown return public health authority back to the counties where it is mandated by Oregon constitution.

The Governor’s new lockdowns are unacceptable.

Her plans for over the last year have been an abject failure, driving businesses to bankruptcy, people to unemployment lines and harming the mental health of adults and children alike.

Its time for new innovative proven technologies to fight Covid 19, like what the airlines have been using for months now. Science, technology and innovation are our friends and we can’t even have a conversation in this state about it.

As more and more people are being vaccinated every day, it is time for a new approach that does not penalize businesses. I implore the state to use an accurate data driven approach they have touted to make decisions about business restrictions.  If the state were truly using a data driven approach, we would not be restricting restaurants and closing gyms.

Gov Brown needs to return what she took away through executive order and that is: the public health authority to the counties of Oregon as mandated by Oregon Constitution.  That is the job of county government and  each county knows their metrics, health and businesses.

 Gov Brown’s actions continue to erode trust in our communities and is preventing the people who are charged by law with caring for the public health of their communities from doing their job. It’s time Gov Brown care and respect the people she was elected to serve.

I want to be clear, that although  we are advocating that Gov Brown consider another approach to restrictions on businesses, I believe we should continue to follow the public safety protocols that we have been following for the past year to keep us safe.

It’s important for residents to know many different approaches can be done at the same time. We can open businesses, preserve the health of everyone, provide vaccinations and develop ways to combat future known and unknown viruses  with proven technology. Oregon deserves better, each person deserves better.

18 thoughts on “Tootie Smith demands Gov Brown return public health authority back to the counties where it is mandated by Oregon constitution.

  1. Paula Deloriea says:

    Why can’t you pick your own protection. Most of us are willing to do that. That’s how it works in the real world. The doc suggests, the patient chooses

    1. Tootie Smith says:

      Overreach from government always interferes with the ‘real’ world and for the most part, always runs counter to common sense.

  2. Stephen Raley says:

    While other states are opening up, Oregon is closing down. Totally unacceptable, I agree with you, return the powers to the counties.

    1. Tootie Smith says:

      Thanks Stephen.
      We will keep pushing.

  3. Virginia Nosal says:

    Gov brown Jas done nothing FOR Oregon during her rein. It is time for real Oregonians to take back our state! She has used Nazi techniques to lock us down!
    C19 is no worse than the flu.

  4. Barbara Frechette says:

    I agree with Tootie, return the public health authority back to the counties. The county leaders are more in touch with their residents than Governor Brown ever was. Also call in the Feds to deal with the “Protesters” in Portland. Portland has become a laughing stock to the world. Being back common sense and pride in our city and state.

    1. Jackie Bennett says:

      I agree with everything you said in your post. We need to take responsibility for ourselves and shutting down our businesses and keeping our kids out of the classrooms full time is not the answer. Each county should be responsible for their citizens and Brown should stop shutting us down.

    2. Tootie Smith says:

      Heard and agreed. Thanks for your comments.

  5. Katie Meeker says:

    Thank you for standing up for all Oregonians and businesses in Oregon! It’s timeless madness stops let us go back to our lives and businesses as we see fit. Since when are we , citizens of Oregon, not smart enough to make decisions on our own based on our health.

    1. Tootie Smith says:

      Agreed. Thanks Katie and keep pushing back.

  6. Vickie Holdeman says:

    I am with her 100 % ! We need Governor Brown out of our counties! We have had ENOUGH

  7. Mark Hagel says:


    Just an FYI on mask in schools, According to Oregon School Discipline Laws and Regulations

    581-021-0553. Use of physical restraint and seclusion in public education programs.
    (1)(a) The use of the following types of restraint on a student in a public education program is prohibited:
    (A) Chemical restraint;
    (B) Mechanical restraint;
    (C) Prone restraint;
    (D) Supine restraint;

    (F) (i) Any restraint that places, or creates a risk of placing, pressure on a student’s mouth, neck or throat, or that impedes, or creates a risk of impeding, a student’s breathing;

    Here is a link to the Document. https://safesupportivelearning.ed.gov/sites/default/files/discipline-compendium/Oregon%20School%20Discipline%20Laws%20and%20Regulations.pdf

  8. Bonnie says:

    Many states are fully open and doing great. We need to open too, there is no reason for masks or lockdowns. Please open Oregon!

  9. Steve Nyburg says:

    We want our counties back and out of the dictatorial hands of Kate Brown. She is violating laws and needs to be held accountable. Our children have suffered immensely, our businesses are failing, our economy will fail. It is time for Oregon to be wide open. Stop with the insanity and stop this dictatorial and tyrannical governor. Our health and safety are our responsibility, not hers. We the people are sick and tired of this and will rebel soon and in a big way.

  10. Phil Young says:

    you go, girl. From Happy Valley to you. End the Lockdowns.

  11. Cheryl Mickelsen says:

    Keep fighting for Clackamas County Tootie Smith. I am happy that you are listening to your constituents. More and continued lockdowns embolden the Govenor to do additional harm to Oregonians with sanctions, fines, jail if not followed.

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