Oregon City, OR:  Life-long Clackamas County resident and community activist, Tootie Smith, filed official paperwork today at the County Clerk’s office for Chair of the Clackamas County Commission.

 Clackamas County Commission inability’s to balance their check book while receiving record revenues,$1.22billion, from taxpayers is just one reason why Smith is running for Chair.

Smith also cites the Clackamas County Commissioners vote in February, 2019, to overturn voter’s decision on a vehicle registration tax that failed by 64%.

“Voters are fed up and demand better from their elected officials,” said Smith.

“I will bring a simpler solution that will cost taxpayers a fraction of current spending while balancing budgets. There are better ways to address infrastructure needs aside from huge taxes. Less costly solutions have been ignored too long,” said Smith.

“The Clackamas County Commission are a Super Majority and act just like the Super Majority in Oregon Legislature with small regard for the voices of the citizens it represents,” said Smith.

Smith also cites the Commission’s inability to adequately obtain federal and state funding for the Sheriff’s Department. “Community Corrections are key to fixing the homeless crisis gripping our county. Efforts must be addressed to identify the causes of homelessness.  We can’t continue to build costly housing without first identifying why people are homeless,” said Smith.

Smith cites her experience elected to the Oregon Legislature and serving on Ways and Means Committee for four years during declining budgetary cycles as a needed skill set to solve the problems Clackamas County faces. Smith was first elected to the Clackamas County Commission in 2014 to 2016, leaving Clackamas County with a surplus budget.

As a business owner for decades, Smith works as a community activist, author and fourth-generation farmer. She lives on her hazelnut farm with her husband of 42 years, cat and dog.

She can be reached at or through Margie Hughes at 503-312-1111.

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