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Tootie Smith’s plan to Re-Open Clackamas County

Summary of a Draft to Re-Open Clackamas County

Combatting CoVid-19

By Tootie Smith

May 7, 2020

Download PDF of full report here

Combatting CoVid-19 in its tracks and returning society to normal is as important as caring for the people who have contracted the disease.

Realizing that government assistance programs will soon extinguish, and a functional economy is integral to survival, it is vital that Oregon and Clackamas County specifically attempt to re-open its businesses, governments, schools, recreation and sporting events, outdoor activities and all medical facilities in a responsible manner. This plan includes guidelines to keep people healthy while recognizing individual responsibility for people’s own health and welfare and people’s own behavior upon the health and welfare of others.

The most current data used from the Oregon Health Authority is evaluated which leads to the conclusion that Clackamas County can begin to reopen. Oregon’s current mortality rate is 0.04 which is close to the 0.03 mortality rate of the Hong Kong Flu (H3N2) and the Swine Flu (H1N1). Supporting data is shown on page 1 in figure 1. Statistics for Clackamas County show a decline in growth rate similar to statewide collection.

Criteria for opening as established by health authorities and Gov. Brown has been met and is proved by scientific established procedures, data collection coupled with people’s willingness to change their behavior by  minimizing the spread of the disease through isolation, hand washing, covering coughs and sneezes is also integral. Personal responsibility in all areas is key and should be noted.

Demographics are important to note since an overwhelming majority of deaths occurred in ages 60 to 90 with 95% suffering from underlying health conditions. Ages 0 to 49 have a total of 1,330 infections and no deaths ending May 3, 2020. Oregon’s total population is 4.2 million. It could be concluded that CoVid-19 is on par with other diseases and the threat of higher infection and mortality rate assumed by university models did not meet expectations. Page 1, figure 1.

Decline in growth rate.  The peak occurred on April 4, 2020 for all of Oregon, and Clackamas County is well past the peak according to Figure 4 on page 4, OHA positive total cases is 2,680 for all Oregon ending May 3.  This criterion has been met.

Sufficient personal protective equipment, PPE. Figure 6 on page 6 shows the PPE inventory for May 3, 2020, which supports OHA’s statement that we have sufficient PPE for an increase when Oregon returns to work.  This criterion has been met.

Hospital surge capacity. Data shows ample hospital beds are available in Figure 7 on page 7. The criterion has been met.

Robust testing and tracking along with strategies for caring for the hardest hit, vulnerable and homeless are discussed on page 8. Tests are available. The criterion has been met.

Ultimately, Guidelines and Goals are identified which includes acknowledging the fact that learning to ward off potential known and unknown viruses for a future outbreak is essential. Strategies for combating and defeating most all viruses are presented with scientific data and proven techniques on pages 9 and 10. Main sectors in American life is listed with an outline for how to reopen successfully.

Two important examples are cited as preventative measures for stopping viruses before they become a pandemic. The use of UV lighting in HVAC systems in schools, hospitals and care facilities should be recommended as it kills viruses. Wastewater treatment facilities can begin robust testing to include identification of virus where the population sector lives.

It cannot be stressed enough that a functional healthy economy is as vital to the human condition as is their physical and mental health. Both economic health and physical bodily health can be attained at the same time and should become our goal as we learn to live and prosper in a world where disease is present.

3 thoughts on “Tootie Smith’s plan to Re-Open Clackamas County

  1. Marilyn Folwell says:

    This governor needs to get off her power trip of bossing the people just because she can. Everything they are telling us is not correct to keep us healthy and I have been listening to outraged Drs. We need to be outside but cautious about being too close. Government overreacting our lives is practice run for the next go round

  2. Renee says:

    Thank you for the update Tootie. I would like to strongly suggest that before the governor hires her 6-900 flying monkeys to “track” people who frequent restaurants or other public business, which by the way will force more closures due to severe reluctance, she perhaps spends some of the tax payers money she loves spending, on postcards to be mailed to every address in this state to be sent back with one question answered, will they give up their HEPA rights and be willing to tracked down and be willing to be harassed by the state? So far, absolutely every contact I have had personally and in everu single thing I have seen on social media and otherwise , that would be a giant no. What an endless waste of money. Let me help out by starting, that would be a gigantic NO here.

  3. Keethlyn Fletcher says:

    Thank you for you plan to reopen our county and hopefully our state. There is so much conflicting information that its hard to know who to listen to. The data that has been presented is poor and should not be used to hold this state hostage. Our governor is not listening to the people of Oregon and I question her judgement on most of the problems facing our state. With that, I hope you will continue to listen to the people and get behind the small businesses that stand to lose everything if we dont open soon. Many may never open again. Being locked down at home in order to save lives will result in more suicides, more alcohol and drug abuse problems, and more domestic violence issues and very likely will cause more deaths than this virus. God bless your efforts. You have my vote!

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