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Why I Became FEMA Certified

I became FEMA certified because I wanted to ensure that our citizens had best in class knowledge and preparedness services should an emergency or disaster arise. When I was a county commissioner, we had the foresight to realize that we were lacking in preparedness for a county with 1.2 million acres. It was here I realized I had to do something, and I volunteered to become FEMA certified.

Through my FEMA training and certification process, I learned what my leadership role would be and how to listen to the health authorities, law enforcement and transportation agencies to get our people back to normal as quickly as possible.

Safety is the First Obligation for Government During Coronavirus Situation

  1. Government’s role is to protect the life and health of its people by planning ahead. Education programs, testing kits, and financial reserves must be readily available.
  2. Protect the health care system by ensuring our doctors and nurses can do their jobs. If they are quarantined, who will care for the sick.
  3. Protect the economy. People’s jobs and the wages they earn must be maintained. Markets must be stable as the world looks to America for financial stability. This includes government budget health with adequate reserves.
  4. Government at all levels must maintain public confidence, instill trust, and teach peace. Find a leader who does this.

During these uncertain times, we all are learning how to lead and live lives not imaginable. 

We are strong. We are resilient and we will conquer this virus.