As a true non-partisan, Tootie stands behind the important issues that fairly represent the thoughts, opinions and desires of Clackamas County people.

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Reduce Tax Burden

New taxes hurt families as the cost of living continues to rise! Government officials must learn to adjust spending.

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No Toll Roads

We need a solid plan (without tolls!) to curb congestion and long commute times that have overtaken our ability to be agile and profitable.

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Health and Housing

Health and housing costs are a concern for all of us.  For seniors who have finally reached retirement, for families trying to make ends meet, and for millennial's with lower income in an aging job market.

We are already overtaxed.

Oregon ranks as the 5th highest-taxed state, and the tenth highest in spending, per capitaElected officials must be able to make the tough decisions to keep spending down knowing that not all ideas should be funded by the government. Our prosperous private sector has a place in providing what government should not do.

Good roads are crucial for our prosperity.

Oregon’s population has doubled in the last 30 years without new highways or freeways. This growth without new infrastructure has led to long commutes and standstill traffic, which cripples drivers’ economic growth and contributes to pollution. Politicians want to toll I-205, but without a solid plan or promise it won’t go to light rail or other public transportation.

Healthcare and Housing costs are affecting us all.

Many babyboomers are working past retirement age for medicare. This creates a tighter job market and fewer job opportunities for younger generations, affecting their ability to get health insurance - as well as the needed income for housing. All while the cost of housing has reached a pinnacle never before seen in tri-county areas for home buyers and renters due to artificial scarcity created by 1. Metro policy of density, and 2. State land use guidelines. With an increasing homelessness population, crime also increases. Government and the health care industry need come together to courageously solve these health, housing, and homeless issues.

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