March 5, 2020

Standing with Timber Unity


The legislative Super Majority continues to show its clear contempt for Oregon’s rural residents, with an ill-conceived cap and trade bill being proposed in Salem. Fortunately, Senators and Representatives in the Legislature have walked out of the session to prevent its passage. Also helping in the fight is that 28 of Oregon’s 36 counties, representing the vast majority of its…

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November 26, 2019

Democrat Legislators Worry About Re-Election Over Carbon Tax Vote


Democrat Legislators Will Be Punished By Its Own Lobby Group For Failing To Vote For Cap N Trade. Desperately seeking support, Oregon’s Governor is about the state offering payola and favors to farmers, loggers and industry groups in exchange for backing Cap n Trade 2.0 in the upcoming February 2020 legislative session. OLCV, Oregon League of Conservation of Voters, becomes…

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