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Tootie Smith demands Gov Brown return public health authority back to the counties where it is mandated by Oregon constitution.

The Governor’s new lockdowns are unacceptable.

Her plans for over the last year have been an abject failure, driving businesses to bankruptcy, people to unemployment lines and harming the mental health of adults and children alike.

Its time for new innovative proven technologies to fight Covid 19, like what the airlines have been using for months now. Science, technology and innovation are our friends and we can’t even have a conversation in this state about it.

As more and more people are being vaccinated every day, it is time for a new approach that does not penalize businesses. I implore the state to use an accurate data driven approach they have touted to make decisions about business restrictions.  If the state were truly using a data driven approach, we would not be restricting restaurants and closing gyms.

Gov Brown needs to return what she took away through executive order and that is: the public health authority to the counties of Oregon as mandated by Oregon Constitution.  That is the job of county government and  each county knows their metrics, health and businesses.

 Gov Brown’s actions continue to erode trust in our communities and is preventing the people who are charged by law with caring for the public health of their communities from doing their job. It’s time Gov Brown care and respect the people she was elected to serve.

I want to be clear, that although  we are advocating that Gov Brown consider another approach to restrictions on businesses, I believe we should continue to follow the public safety protocols that we have been following for the past year to keep us safe.

It’s important for residents to know many different approaches can be done at the same time. We can open businesses, preserve the health of everyone, provide vaccinations and develop ways to combat future known and unknown viruses  with proven technology. Oregon deserves better, each person deserves better.

Families Hurting as Most Are Just Working at Paying the Bills

By Tootie Smith

Oregon Is A National Big Spender of Your Tax Dollars.

Oregon ranks as the nation’s fourth-biggest for state government spending, per capita, according to the latest data from the National Association of Budget Offices.

Oregon also ranks in the top 10 taxing states in America, per capita.

That means 46 other states spend less per person than Oregon to fund their governments.

Consider:  Oregon population is 4 million people and 1.5 million households pay all taxes. In the last three legislative sessions, $13 billion dollars of new tax increases passed by lawmakers.

The result of having one of the nation’s biggest, richest, and fattest governments is not efficiency or progress. Just the opposite. Rather, our government is too big to function. The politicians spent $58 million on a Wapato jail that was never used, $175 million on a Columbia River bridge that was never built, $298 million on vacant government jobs for employees who never worked, and $300 million on a health care website that was never used.

Oregon citizens have paid more taxes this biennium that ever before in history of statehood, according to Legislative Fiscal Office. Yet Governor Brown and Super Majority in Oregon Legislature wants to raise your taxes by $9 billion dollars.

The answer to government waste and overspending is for Oregon to adopt spending limits, term limits, and a public right to vote on all new major tax increases to stop the soaring growth of government spending. I hope you agree.